Conference Registration, Schedule, and Session Speaker Details

We’re excited to be welcoming 36 speakers,  from nine different countries,  to the two main conference days (Friday 24th – Saturday 25th April, 2015) of Tales Beyond Borders. Our speakers will be discussing an exciting variety of topics and issues, including animal and environmental tropes in fantasy, Indian oral song traditions, representations of magic in dramatic performance, the use of modern techniques of digital illustration and animation to bring Malaysian and Thai folktales to new audiences,  new theoretical debates around fantasy studies,  issues around psychology and sexuality in Victorian fantasy,  the balance of political and scientific investigations of fantasy, issues around Queer and ‘strange’ physicalities in speculative fiction,  difficulties of translation,  reception, and interpretation in contemporary sci fi and dystopic fiction,  and perceptions of fantasy across age categories of literature.

Details of times,  sessions, and panel speakers (including abstracts and bios) can all be accessed from our Conference Schedule page.  However,  if you want to access panel speaker details quickly, turn to the alphabetical list on our Session Speakers and Abstracts page.

You can purchase registration (of various types) on our online store;  you will find a link for this on the Costs and Registration Payment page. The deadline for registration is 20th March, 2015.

Warm regards,

The Tales Beyond Borders Team
( Christine,  Ikhlas,  and Sarah )