Live updates from the Tales Beyond Borders Conference!

1. Sadly, panel speaker Rebecca Long was unable to make it to the conference due to a family emergency. However, you can get a sense of her paper (on ‘”The Best of All Worlds”: Border Crossings in Irish Children’s Literature’) through this guest blog post she’s kindly written for us using an excerpt from her paper. You can also email her for more information at
2. Conference participants Anna Madill (@UKFujoshi), Megen de Bruin-Molé (@MegenJM), Chuckie Patel (@PhDfantasy), Anaïs Pedica (@anaisdpedica), Bill Hughes (@BillBloodyHughe), Yuri van Hoef (@vanhoef), AdiFitri Ahmad (@adifitri33), and Nik Taylor (@nikmagick) for some great tweeting work! Investigate further at conference hashtag #TBB or by following them on Twitter.

3. Finally, the first Tales Beyond Borders day started with a bang at our PGR/ECR workshop! Thanks to both guest speakers and workshop participants for their wonderful discussions and insights. (You can find more info on our speakers here.)


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